Monday, September 03, 2007

Year 20

Tomorrow is my last first day of school. May something-or-other be will be first last day of school.

I'm a little bit freaking out.

I've been going to school for nineteen years now, and I'm about to begin Year 20. I've been going to school longer than I've lived in any city, longer than I've known almost anyone except for immediate family. There have been breaks and gaps and lousy years and sick days and all that, but it's school. It's familiar. And, as per usual, I'm working today to finish up my summer assignments, totally unsatisfied with any of my first-day-of-school outfits, and basking in pristine new school supplies. ( is a new addiction) Oh, and of course because it's school photo day, I have a new giant pimple on my forehead.

But this is it. Barring an unlikely late in a life desire for a PhD or a sudden, desperate shift to law school, I'm filling out my course registration forms for the last time. I wish I could say this new-found perspective filled me with wisdom or an appreciation for every fleeting moment or something, but instead I'm a little bit anxious, a little bit excited, a little bit afraid I won't be able to sleep very well tonight. The usual.


EmmaJohnson said...

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Dorothy said...

Um, right. What she said.