Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am a part of a crucial demographic trend

And here all this time, I thought I was just wearing pants and cardigans.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sometimes it takes a blog

To remark on the one angle of the Eliot Spitzer situation you are 100% positive has not been covered by the mainstream media. . .

It's eerie similarity to a song by mid-90s folk-pop band The Nields. Keep in mind that George Fox was the alias Spitzer used at the Mayflower Hotel, and read:

Best Black Dress

Mr. George Fox requests the pleasure of my company
By pointed envelope marked "Special Delivery"
And I know what this means, most certainly
This means tonight Mr. George Fox will take me to Club Century

In my best black dress
In my best black shoes
Why should I refuse?

Most days are not like this, you understand
Oh no, most days find me taking ideas in shorthand
In a room alone with changing wedding bands
Mr. George Fox, I've got better things planned

In my best black dress
In my best black shoes
What have I got to lose?

He says, "That's what's wrong with this generation
You're supposed to be making something new
But it's so much more fun to play in your parents' historyland"

Speaking of which
Mr. George Fox has a daughter just my age
I've seen her once or twice at the other end of his estate
She has long purple skirts and an old mutt she got in college
I wonder if she's seen me creeping home at night through the foliage
Has she seen me?

In my best black dress
In my best black shoes
Would she be confused?