Sunday, February 11, 2007

Where are they now? department

So I'm reading along in the NYT article about Drew Gilpin Faust being named president of Harvard, and it all seems pretty normal until the last paragraph.

I quote:

George Thampy, a freshman, said of the selection: “I think it’s a great step forward — a bona fide scholar who’s a woman. In some ways you could say it’s a reaction to the last president and that fiasco.”

George Thampy! From Spellbound right? He's the slightly lisping bespecacled homeschooled kid (no, no, the other one) who features Jesus in his autographs. He's the big competition, the villain (if there is one) of the movie. It's got to be the same George Thampy, doesn't it? Good to see he's adjusting well to college.