Monday, September 17, 2007


1) I did the career meme . . . ooh, a meme, like a real blogger. Top career recommendation? Anthropologist, which, although I've never considered it, is not all that far removed from playwright, when you think about it. At least playwright as I tend to be. They also gave me psychologist and teacher . . . somehow, I don't think anyone puts playwright on a career counseling website, for good reasons.

2) When I went outside tonight to take the laundry down, it smelled like fall. And the first smell of fall always makes me incredibly happy.

3) I finished last week's Sunday Times crossword ON SUNDAY, which was a life first. And, probably a sign of a very relaxed summer in which I got to perfect my crossword skillz. Of course, this Sunday when I sat down to polish it off, it was hard again, so I got all pouty and put it in the recycling.

4) The Wonder Dog had a "hot spot" last week (no, he was not receiving T-Mobile wireless) and had to be taken in to the vet, who informed us that -- A) he has going to be fine and B) it was a really good thing we had brought him in because his lymph node was getting all swollen. Went home with a bunch of antibiotic pills and some spray (weirdly, the same stuff I was given when I had pink eye). Luckily, the WD will eat anything, so getting the pills down is no trouble. Hot spot is fading into oblivion, and, after the Winter from Hell f/ the Wound that Would Never Heal, I'm remarkably sanguine about things like vet visits and the Elizabethan Collar.

5) Almost done with The Known World and ready to move on to either New Haven England White or Pictures from an Institution, both of which I'm predicting will be speedier.

6) I love that they call it an Elizabethan Collar.


Nitpicker said...

"New Haven White" I don't know; will google. "Pictures from an Institution" = one of my all time favorites.

Nitpicker said...

And here are my top ten. The one that seems clearly nuts is "activist." But then, it's #10.

1.Desktop Publisher

2.Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator


4.Fashion Designer


6.Costume Designer


8.Graphic Designer

9.Political Aide