Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am Not a Pundit

And I have no idea what the American People's response to the last 48 hours will be, but I have to say that, from where I sit, John McCain had 4 advantages over Obama 1 month ago:

1) Experience, esp. in foreign policy
2) Reputation as a truth-teller
3) Cozy relationship w/ the media
4) Reputation as tougher and less wimpy in a crisis

And, from this l'il ol' chair, I can't help but think that between Palin, the negative ads, the Palin seclusion campaign, and the suspension freakout, he may have blown all of them BY HIMSELF in a month.

Now, just to prevent jinxing, I'm going to tap on wood, throw salt over my shoulder, and spit three times.


Nitpicker said...

Ahem. Shoe vomit? How about the "Trooper-gate" report?

BCS Team Member said...

I guess you are a pundit in disguise

BCS Team Member said...

BCS team member is rose in disguise