Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dog of Pathos

So, Tuesday night, Wonder Dog somehow stepped on something sharp in our backyard and sliced up his paw pretty serious. We spent a good long chunk of time at the Emergency Vet Hospital, after failing to get the bleeding under control at home, and he ended up with several sutures, and a little puppy cast with a splint. We ended up painfully aware of the fact that pets don't come with health insurance. Yesterday was the hardest because he just had no idea what was going on, and my heart would break every time I saw him hop around. Today's been easier, so far, because he's getting better at manuevering and seems less sad. Luckily, he'll still eat anything, so getting the antibiotics and pain meds into him is easy. He's mostly sleeping, though, which is, in itself sad, because he's usually such a whippersnapper. Tomorrow we go to our vet to have the bandage changed and to make an appointment for suture removal. I want to explain to him how it'll all be fine, and, if he just stopped trying to eat his cast, we wouldn't have to put the plastic cone on him, but he doesn't speak quite enough English to grasp it. I have no idea how anyone has children.

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