Monday, October 16, 2006

Worm poop, etc.

The busy-ness continues apace, although I have decided to drop (temporarily, I promise) the 9:30am class I was auditing, which has pushed me (temporarily, I promise) back over to the "sane and rested" side of the spectrum. Mmmmm, rest. Mmmmmm, sanity.

Spent the weekend buying terrifying pink bedroom decor for "We're Celebrities" and seeing "Eurydice" at Yale Rep. It was amazing, beautifully theatrical, and my eyes are still puffy from having cried for its hour and 45-minute duration. What more there is to say about it is deeply and freakishly personal, to the point where I think I should be examining my ceiling for MacArthur Genius wiretaps, and lies outside the sphere of my blogging. Suffice it to say, if this show comes to a place where you live, buy a jumbo box of Kleenex and go.

Also went out to a 1st anniversary dinner last night at the swankiest restaurant named for a remote-controlled vacuum cleaner around.

This morning, largely as a means of work-procrastination (I'm applying to contesty-type things that range from unlikely to impossible, but having been brought up on a steady diet of "You can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket" I'm applying anyways) BH and I cleaned out the worm bin. As I may have mentioned here before, we have a giant Tupperware in our back yard where vegetable waste goes and is helpfully turned into compost by about 1000 earthworms. Part of this process, though, is harvesting the compost, and I decided this morning would be a really good time to dump out the contents of the bin and separate it into piles of "worm" and "not worm." When you have 1000 worms, this takes a while. The good news? We have an enormous bucket of compost, which can sit in our garden beds all winter, and the worms can be left to themselves for another 3 months, or so.

Tonight I have first read for one play and first tech for another. This makes me really happy.


Nitpicker said...

' “Eurydice” is ultimately about the painful choice that comes with the passing of joys and pleasures: whether to remember, in sadness, or to forget, and achieve a calm but emptier equilibrium.' (NYT Review 9/29/06) Which explains why therapists tend to drive me nuts--they tout "acceptance" and "closure," which seems to equal remembering but without sadness. Ain't no such thing.

Kentuckienne said...

I LURVE that you have a worm bin. I want a worm bin. Did it come with your place, or did you have to creat one?

Dorothy said...

We made it out of a plastic storage tub. Totally easy and highly recommended on the "throw away less biodegradable waste/have compost for free" front. Google worm bins if you're interested, there are lots o' sights w/ helpful tips.