Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Don't all you journalists have English degrees?

So, the most annoying article in the Times today probably was Alex Witchel moaning about having to make polite conversation with those seated next to her at dinner. (Remind me not to sit next to her, should the occasion arise) But the second most annoying article, according to this gal, was this: Caryn James on the shocking new trend that "more and more movies" display, in which a moral lesson is learned after a sinful character does all sorts of despicable things. The groundbreaking trend? It's actually more fun for the audience to watch the bad stuff than the redemption.

Sound familiar? It's probably from such flicks as Click? Bruce Almighty? The Devil Wears Prada? Or, wait a minute . . . devil, devil . . . that reminds me: maybe this is the plot of Dr. Faustus, Paradise Lost, and the hundreds of works influenced by them for the past 500 years? Just a thought, Caryn.

Also -- the eye has now mysteriously almost completely cleared up. Color me baffled.


Nitpicker said...

Also: stopping time, clonking your boss on the head, and not getting caught? Totally stolen from Nicholson Baker ("The Fermata").

Dorothy said...

It's stealing the pope's hat! It's all stealing the pope's hat!

(Faustus and the devil turn themselves invisible and cause all sorts of mischief with the pope and various cardinals, which is basically hitting your boss but in medieval Europe and maybe your boss can talk to God.)