Friday, February 03, 2006

Art meets life

So, I'm home alone with the dog watching "Skulls" on channel 149 and "Legally Blonde" on channel 26. This is either the trashiest Ivy League thing I've ever done, or the Ivy Leaguiest trashy thing. Either way, the Harvard/Yale + Reese/Joshua Jackson doubleheader is pretty great.

Also, there is a character in "Skulls" named Caleb Mandrake, which is hysterical. He should totally hook up with Vivian Kensington from "Legally Blonde."

And I should get a pen with purple feathers on top.

And a pink rhinestone-studded dog collar.

For the dog.

1 comment:

8yearoldsdude said...

skulls is dirty dirty trash. but legally blonde is beautiful and cute and holds up over time (it was on canadian tbs last week).

I think the twilight years of gilmore girls and the cheap rehash of chad michael murray's character at yale allows a deeper palette for comparison of the ivy league in the media.