Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Enemy Attacks!

That's the title of one of my playwriting students' plays. The Enemy Attacks! How great is that? Just in case you're not sold yet, it's about a piece of broccoli, a piece of celery, their respective imaginary friends, and the evils of veggie dip. And it ends in a wedding performed by a tomato who's also a priest (or a priest who's also a tomato, depending on your perspective).

Typing up all of these (what I'm avoiding right this very minute, thanks) is making me want to do nothing so much as add in narrators, vegetables, animals, time travel, and dream sequences to whatever I write next. Not that it'll be as good as my students' stuff, but as their teacher, I should at least be giving them a run for their money, right?

Really. They're all geniuses. Narrators! Who knew?

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